BuendeCanfin 2

CEO Dominique Buende in discussion with Pascal Canfin, Minister of state for development and Ninon Duval Farré, Director of Bond'Innov.


BertoloneMichel Laurent

Michel Laurent, President of IRD and Claude Bertolone, President of the National Assembly and MP of Seine-Saint-Denis.


D.Buende 1journalist

Dominique Buende is being interviewed by TVM est Parisien.


Buendejournalist 2

Dominique Buende talks about the QuickDo-BB innovation, The Digital library in Africa.


Buendejournalist 5

In the halls of IRD... The very first "Rencontres de l'Entrepreneuriat Innovant Nord/Sud" (Meetings of innovative entrepreneurship North/South)



In the halls of IRD, from left to right, Jean Daubigny, the Prefect of Paris, Claude Bertolone, the President of the National Assembly, Corinne Rouland-Lefèvre,President of Bond'Innov and Director of IRD France-Nord, Stéphane Raud, General manager AIRD par interim, IRD, Pascal Canfin, Minister of state for development, Dominique Buende, CEO QuickDo, ...