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Innovations Numériques pour l'Afrique

Thanks to QuickDo-Market, buy and sell in Africa 

The first consume–actor platform in Africa 

  • Consume, because you can purchase goods or services for yourself or for your loved ones in Africa.
  • Actors, because you master the use of your money, the quality of purchased or sold products as well as the impact of your action on economic development in the Global South.

From now on, you have no reason just to send money. Flower bouquets, cosmetic care, medical consultations at home, taxi reservations... These are just some products and services you can now buy online for third parties.

Get ready to really make them happy!

With its integrated payment module and its mobile application QuickDo-Wallet, QuickDo assures its customers the proper execution of their order by paying the merchant only once the order has been completed. QuickDo also guaranties the sales of the merchant for up to 10 000€.

QuickDo-Market, now a good reason to sell and buy online in Africa!